I Promise I Am Not The Dwight In Our Office If We Have Worked Together

That’s what I say, at least. Despite the wealth of action figures I display, I have only three bobbleheads. That right there should disqualify me. Anyway, The Office Book of Lists is on sale! Head to your favorite bookstore and purchase numerous copies! It was a lot of fun to write this, though a bit […]

This week’s cheese …

The 1950s and 60s curdled some prime frommage for the members of the Superman Family. I love collections like this, that lean into the nuttiness and give the same weight to a story where Lois goes undercover as a housemaid (I assume that’s the plot, I haven’t even opened my copy yet) as her becoming […]

The Wisdom of Picard

The Wisdom of Picard

So, I’m not about to get into a debate of who’s the better captain (we all know it would have been Nog, eventually, but let’s sidestep that argument :)) I grew up with Original Series and I still love it (and all Star Trek) passionately. When TNG debuted, I had my doubts – like many […]

Dreams Don’t Die, or Why I Love Xanadu So Much

I don’t obsess about Xanadu like I used to. Over the years, it pops up and I get a twinge of nostalgia. Songs or dialogue hurtle me back to  the pimple-faced, gay 15-year-old, who meticulously cut out the silhouette of Olivia Newton-John from the back of the soundtrack, and taped inside my locker door. Or […]

DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 24: “John Ross Ewing III, Part 2”

It’s the season finale and Linda Gray shines in some moving monologues and crazy-eyed drinking!  Let’s not waste any time! We pick up a few days after the end of Part 1. J.R. drives to the sanitarium to see Sue Ellen. When the doctor lets him in Sue Ellen’s room, it’s clear what to doctor […]

DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 23 “John Ewing III, Part 1”

Whoo-boy! Sue Ellen heads to the sanitarium for the first time. Lucy kicks drugs after one heartfelt talk with Bobby. Miss Ellie reads J.R. for filth. It’s a doozy of an episode, so let’s dive right in! Sue Ellen pulls into a parking lot of the clinic and pulls out a flask before her OB-GYN […]

The Costumed Adventurers in “Picking The Scabs!”

Ahhh! It’s not a Dallas or Wonder Woman recap! What is going on? I started writing about the Costumed Adventurers in college. They were called the Hero Brigade then, and EVERY! SENTENCE! ENDED! WITH! AN! EXCLAMATION! MARK! Gimmicks. They’re exhausting. I think about 10 years ago, I dusted them off, got rid of the INSANELY […]

Wonder Woman – Season One, Episode 13: “Bushwackers”

Ahhh, that title does NOT mean what you think it does. No mafiosos are attempting to kill any former presidents. A bushwacker is in fact, an outlaw who swore allegiance to neither side during the Civil War and united in bands to prey on both sides. So, who are the bushwackers in this episodes? The […]