Logan’s Run – Season 1, Episode 10: “FuturePast

PEW PEW PEW! FRANCIS IS BACK! And Mariette Hartley guest stars as an android –  I can’t wait to dive right in, so join me, won’t you, so we can find out where the heck Francis has been hiding in Logan’s Run! The solar craft is being chased by a Sandman car. This is why […]

Use This One Weird Trick To Meet Celebrities!

Yeah … move to LA or New York and work in entertainment is the trick. It’s not that weird. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work in two cities that collect celebs like I collect silver-age issues of Wonder Woman – Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I also travelled a lot to New York for business, and […]

In Which I Voyage Through My Atlas of Stevie Nicks

“Sara” reminds me of our 2-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, staring out the metal framed windows on rainy afternoons waiting for Dad to come home. “Wild Heart” brings back the tiny loft apartment I stayed in one summer home from college, where I had no over or stove only a hot plate. “If Anyone Falls”  reminds […]

I Have Always Been A Storm …

Summer approaches … and that means, for me, it’s Stevie time. I’ve never been sure what made Stevie my particular diva. Certainly, Edge of Seventeen came right as I was on the edge of that age. MTV was in full force by the time Stand Back came out, and I twirled around on the harvest […]

What I Think About At Concerts

1. Where does the guy with his face covered in tattoos work? Probably not at an accounting firm. 2. What are they really doing backstage while the opening act is on? 3. Can that drink on the ledge of the balcony fall on me? 4. Good grief, there’s a lot of Misfits t-shirts. 5. I […]

All Our Yesterdays

It’s been such a year! I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all the awesome things that happened this year. And then some not so good things, too. All in all, a year. And even if I HAD an atavachron, I don’t think I’d go back and change anything.